About ME

Hi, I'm an advisor and entrepreneur who's good at brand, PR and marketing. 

When friends asked me help with their businesses I enjoyed it so much I decided to make space in my week to do more. I love solving problems, offering advice and sharing the results.

If you want the most effective, real-world, jargon-free solutions, whether practical help or big picture strategy, do say hi. I've been in the middle of some whopping marketing success stories, but I also understand the harsh realities of running, budgeting and building your own company.

Take care, 





This is Lily, the hairiest portion of my family. She cannot fly.



I love all genres of music but Electronica is what I always return to. I even prefer Radiohead's bleepy stuff. 


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I'm a self-taught product designer, creating the apparel for Vulpine. My garments have been displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum. Which I'm a bit (very) proud of.

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Cycling has been my constant passion and bedrock since I was a kid. I used to race, now I just lumber. My life has been full of intense ups and downs, but as long as I cycle I'm happy.