Every Extra Hour The Entrepreneur Works Is Effective - The Founder's Nightmare

Sprinting is effective, but you can't sprint forever...

Sprinting is effective, but you can't sprint forever...


I run every aspect of FRAHM Jacket. There are many things that MUST happen. VAT returns, zip choices, data entry, you name it. They all add value in some way.

But marketing is sales, and sales drives everything. No revenue, no company. No brand building, no revenue.

So I aim for maximum marketing. I get 'everything else' done as efficiently as possible.

Then it's MARKETING. Every extra hour is more carefully chosen podcast invites, a week of tweets, a database email, a collaboration begun, a blog edited, or some site data analysed and changes enacted.

More traffic, more awareness, more excitement, more of more. Every extra hour is driving my family's future.

This is the addiction of working.

Not the work, but the effect. It's dangerous because the effect is so obvious.

I worked 17 hours yesterday. I can already see the results.

Now I'm a wreck. This entrepreneurial experience is why corporations don't destroy minnows, because we can act immediately, and because we couldn't care more.

But it gradually eats you alive. Beware.