About ME

Hi, I'm an advisor who's a brand building and marketing allrounder, with a particularly ability in building intensely loved brands. All backed up with an ability to see the Big Picture, that can only come from having built and run my own companies, through success and failure, learning, then success again.

I live and breathe what I do. I have my simple, high-end apparel company FRAHMjacket.com, which I run alongside helping other businesses. I do everything myself.

FRAHM helps keep my ideas knowledge and experience firmly planted in the real and tested world. I do stuff that works. It’s small and simple, so I can consult too. That’s the best of both worlds.

If you want the most effective, real-world, jargon-free solutions, whether practical help on the ground or leadership and strategy, say hi. 

Yours, Nick




This is Lily, the hairiest portion of my family. She cannot fly.



I love all genres of music but Electronica is what I always return to. I even prefer Radiohead's bleepy stuff.

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I'm a self-taught product designer, creating the apparel for Vulpine. My garments have been displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum. Which I'm a bit (very) proud of.

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Cycling has been my constant passion and bedrock since I was a kid. I used to race, now I just lumber. My life has been full of intense ups and downs, but as long as I cycle I'm happy.